A person sitting on a beach in front of the water meditating. It shows the importance of mastering the art of 'yes and...'

Mastering the Art of ‘Yes, And…’

The first rule of improvisation when performing on-stage is the idea of always saying (or thinking) ‘yes, and…’ to whatever another actor has said or done. This allows the action of whatever is happening on-stage to continue. If the actors are in disagreement over what should happen next, without a script, there’s nowhere for them …

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A Newton's cradle sitting on a desk

Motivation vs. Momentum

When you have a mind-blowing idea or initial spark of inspiration, the motivation to do what you need to can be abundant. At first, you’re extremely driven, putting in the hours and noticing that they hardly even feel like work. But then, you start to notice fatigue settle in. Working toward your goal isn’t as …

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Are You Just a Bottle of Wine?

If you are, what is your blend? Years ago, I attend a seminar on the making of Bordeaux wines. Each participant was given 5 samples of wine. After tasting the samples individually, I was confused as these wines tasted horrible. What a mess!  What are they thinking? Finally, we had a chance to taste THE …

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