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Motivation vs. Momentum

When you have a mind-blowing idea or initial spark of inspiration, the motivation to do what you need to can be abundant. At first, you’re extremely driven, putting in the hours and noticing that they hardly even feel like work. But then, you start to notice fatigue settle in. Working toward your goal isn’t as …

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Are You Just a Bottle of Wine?

If you are, what is your blend? Years ago, I attend a seminar on the making of Bordeaux wines. Each participant was given 5 samples of wine. After tasting the samples individually, I was confused as these wines tasted horrible. What a mess!  What are they thinking? Finally, we had a chance to taste THE …

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Letting Go of Perfection

We often expect perfection from ourselves. We want the job (whatever that job may be) to be done quickly, correctly, and without any kind of fuss. Except that’s not always possible. Life gets in the way. Emotions and tensions run high. Things don’t fall into place the way that we had planned, or the way …

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The Anomaly of Leadership

In our society, when we picture a leader, it’s common to think of someone that is strong-willed, high-spirited, and outspoken. These are traits that we tend to value in our leadership, but why has this become the norm? The fact of the matter is that there are many people who may not fit that description, …

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Making Your Voice Heard [4 Tips]

Sometimes, it may feel as if the world is trying to stifle your voice. Sometimes, you have to fight in order to make your voice heard. And sometimes, it feels easier to stay silent. When clients come to me with questions about how to develop and project their voices, I like to direct them to …

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